2017 Nagar Kirtan Route

Thousands of Sikh worshipers are expected to converge in Stockton on April 16th, 2016 weekend to celebrate the dawn of the Khalsa Panth as part of a weekend celebration highlighted by the 19th annual Vaisakhi Day Parade. To navigate your parking and access to individual needs, we are sharing the parade routes.

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Nagar Kirtan 2017

The Stockton Gurdwara Annual Sikh Nagar Kirtan (Parade) 2017 commemorates the Establishment of Khalsa by Tenth Guru (Master), Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Every year, rain or shine, an increasing number of Sikh devotees and spectators flock to Stockton City, California for a weekend of festivities and the time honored tradition of Nagar Kirtan, a [...]

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Free Shuttle and Parking 2017

"PRINT Parking Lots Poster Click Here " Nagar Kirtan Parking - April 16th 2017 (Please respect our volunteers (Sewadaars and Security Officers). Please follow the direction options below for parking lot & Shuttle service to the Nagar Kirtan (Sikh Day Parade). We urge sangat (congregation) to take advantage of this parking lot and shuttle service. (Look [...]

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